University Libraries welcome new Humanities & Social Sciences Librarian


By Vince Frieden, strategic communications coordinator

The Miami University Libraries are excited to welcome Mark Dahlquist as a Humanities & Social Sciences Librarian. In his new role, Dahlquist serves as liaison to the departments of English and media, journalism and film.

“Mark brings an extensive background in higher education with a strong understanding of how to incorporate library resources into the classroom and student research projects,” said Kevin Messner, Head of the Advise & Instruct department. “We are excited to offer his experience and skills as a resource to our students and faculty.”

Dahlquist holds his bachelor’s and two master’s degrees from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. He also earned a Ph.D. in English from Illinois.

From 2011-2016, Dahlquist worked as a visiting and assistant professor of English at the University of Southern Mississippi, where he specialized in Shakespeare and early modern literature. He returned to Illinois in 2016 to earn his master’s in library and information science.

“During my teaching career, one of the things I most enjoyed was giving students freedom to seek their own questions and answers,” Dahlquist said. “I particularly enjoyed leading class exercises in the library.”

As part of his graduate school experience at the University of Illinois, Dahlquist worked in the Funk Family Library and also worked with the University of Illinois Library Scholarly Communication and Publishing Unit. He has published articles on early modern literature, and, in 2016, he presented a paper entitled “Supporting Student Creativity through Serendipitous Discovery in Library Instruction.”

“I want students to learn how fun it can be to search for the best resources using the library, and how much more interesting they can make their writing by using these resources,” Dahlquist said.

Dahlquist works from King Library 205 and can be reached at 513-529-8494 or