#MoveInMiami 2017


Across the nation and around the world.

Help us move the Miami University Libraries forward during #MoveInMiami 2017!

This annual day-of-giving campaign, which coincides with Miami University's first-year student move-in day, engages Miami alumni and friends from around the world in promoting and strengthening our university. 

The University Libraries have again agreed upon two fundraising priorities that ensure our students have access to the resources they need to thrive academically:

  1. The Textbook Initiative: The College Board today advises students to budget $1,200 a year just for textbooks and supplies! Help the Miami Libraries ensure that students have access to the textbooks they need, regardless of their financial situations. The average cost of a textbook today is $120, and the textbooks the Libraries are able to offer will be used hundreds of times by our students.
  2. The Technology Support Fund:  From basics like laptops and iPads to advanced 3D printing and high-end, specialty software, the technology support fund gives students hands-on access to the technologies they need to master to thrive in a digital world.

You'll be hearing more from us this summer. Until then, learn more at MoveInMiami.org.